Day 6: Riverside Beverage – North Chattanooga

by Jeff

These guys provide a great service to Chattanooga!

Riverside Beverage

Riverside Beverage -

I am always on a mission when I pull into the parking lot at 600 Manufacturers Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37405

As I roll in today, I truly am on a mission!

Our youngest son Jake is somewhere between Kuwait and Germany on his way home from Iraq for some R&R. With all his “special needs” the only one I was tasked with was Busch and Yuengling… no quantity specified!

What will it be today?

What will it be? Riverside Beverage -

What a privilege for me after his 5 months served in the desert, to his surprise I will be adding a couple of IPAs and a stout since I am  the designated quartermaster.

Riverside Beverage is hands down the best beer store in Chattanooga. With a great selection considering Tennessee law, the staff know their stuff and are able to provide “real time” reviews of any new beer in stock, not to mention they’ll bring in just about any quality beer they can get their hands on.

Trey Wheeler at Riverside Beverage

Working the store, Trey Wheeler... note the growlers waiting to be filled!

The ten or so taps for growlers and are very unique to Chattanooga. It is obvious that some thought goes into the selection.

Friday at Riverside Beverage is typically $7.99/growler and may feature a brewery a rep on site. They rotate through the selection regularly, so there’s always the opportunity to taste a different pour.

With a good selection of kegs Riverside is the place for your beverage needs. They have rental taps for the kegs, or for purchase for fifty dollars. The keg prices were very reasonable and I think its very cool to have access to a place that has a steady supply of filled kegs for those last minute parties.

Troy Holt filling a customer's order

Taylor Holt filling a customer's order -

If you have a preference, call first to make sure your request is available.

Menu board with the beers on tap is always updated!

I need to focus! The board always lists the draft beer available

I need to focus! The board always lists the draft beer available

With my mission accomplished, I added,  Fort Collins IPA, Hazed and Infused by Boulder Beer and Old No. 38 Stout by North Coast Brewing. This should be a surprise for Jake.

As I pulled out of the parking lot I was already contemplating the drive back down to get a growler filled before closing!

How long will these last?

How long will these last? -

Riverside Beverage well worth the drive!

addendum: May 1, 2010.

Tennessee has some very different Liquor Laws that require that wine and liquor be sold separately from beer. Riverside Beverage Company’s solution is to have two separate stores on the same location, one for wine and liquor and one for beer.

Great selection of high gravity beers at Riverside Wine & Spirits

Great selection of high gravity beers at Riverside Wine & Spirits -

High Gravity selection on the other side!

The good news is that Riverside has the largest selection of beer  in the downtown Chattanooga area that includes an expanded high-gravity selection on the liquor side of Riverside that is growing.
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