Day 1: Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding – Chattanooga, TN

by Jeff

Live the dream – Learn to fly at Lookout Mountain Flight Park!

Hangliding on Lookout Mountain

Ready for takeoff!

Did you ever wish you could fly? A trip to Lookout Mountain Flight Park is worth the view, let alone the adventure of flight.

Josh, Ashlee and Patrice on the launch at Lookout Mountain Flight Park

Josh, Ashlee and Patrice on the launch at Lookout Mountain Flight Park

After many trips up Lookout Mountain and stops along the way to our favorite Canyon Grill, we decided to give it a try. Danielle had made sure we were going to hang glide by giving us lessons as a gift!

The lessons are instructional and so you are actually purchasing lessons. Lookout Mountain Flight Park claims to teach more hang gliders than anywhere in the world. Since 1978 the school has instructed and accommodated hang gliders from around the world.

My experience was a first for me but obviously just another “walk in the park” for the instructor.

Priscilla & Danielle ready to go. Beam me up!

Priscilla & Danielle ready to fly. Beam me up!

I had already put the head gear on and as I strapped in there was little time to contemplate what was about to happen. An ultralight aircraft attaches to the glider with a wire and off we go.

Hangliding on Lookout Mountain...Chattanooga, TN

In flight looking at the landing area below

The instructor makes it clear that the glider will fly by itself and quickly turns controls over to me. It is a thrill to be able to push back and stall, pull forward to gain speed quickly and turn left and right. The quiet is surreal and the expanse across the valley is breathtaking.

Flying Tandem at Lookout Mountain Hangliding Park in Chattanooga, TN

Coming in for the landing...yeehaa, what a thrill!

Try Hang Gliding once for memories that last a lifetime! Soar like an eagle in this purest form of flight! No experience is necessary… ages 4 to 92 have flown tandem. If you are experienced there is no better facility to stretch your wings! For more information on rates and classes call 800-688-5637 or write

Live the Dream…Learn to Fly!

Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding in Chattanooga, TN

7201 Scenic Hwy, Rising Fawn, GA 30738    To visit the website click here

Map to Lookout Mountain Hangliding

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