Day 3: Pumpkin Patch on Signal Mountain

by Jeff

Boy was I surprised…this is a kids park like none other!

Rozlyn on the circular slide at the Pumpkin Patch Signal Mountain, TN

Rozlyn on the circular slide at the Pumpkin Patch

As I like to say, Signal Mountain is only a 2 mile drive…from the bottom of the mountain.

The Pumpkin Patch sits on Signal Mountain tucked behind Walden Town Hall at 1836 Taft Highway and is most likely the #1 tourist attraction on Walden’s Ridge!

This was a cool spring day but it is tough to keep Roz and Ty down. There are zip wires, little slides, bigger slides and a monster slide the entertains the parents as well as the kids. There are four or five swing sets, play places for little ones and big ones, a covered picnic area, drinking fountains and a bathroom.

Luke, Roz, Ty and Jeannie at the entrance to the Pumpkin Patch on Signal Mountain

Families and groups come from all over the area but today, most likely due to the weather we had the “Patch” all to ourselves. Using our imaginations, we rode the pirate ship and tamed the dragon. Took turns on the monkey bars and rope swings and sat in the took turns on the slides and zip wire. The landing areas are mulched heavily and actually cushion tumbling.

It goes on and on and on...!

You will find every kind of play equipment made out of recycled tires, ropes and chains. In fact, the Pumpkin Patch is also an obstacle course and low ropes course for the kids. When I first heard of the Pumpkin Patch my thought was, “just another park”. Boy was I wrong, what a blast!

Holding my granddaughter Rozlyn on a tire swing at the Pumpkin Patch

On a tire swing with my granddaughter Rozlyn at the Pumpkin Patch

Next time the kids are bouncing off the walls, plan an afternoon or evening at Ayala’s Mexican Restaurant. Located next door to the Pumpkin Patch there is a gate from the back deck that trails directly into the Patch.

note: thanks to the untold volunteers that built and maintain the Pumpkin Patch

Greetings at the Pumpkin Patch

Swings, forts, slides, monkey bars, zip lines, tire swings, hiding, fun, fun!

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